Svard Design, Illustration,
Calligraphy and Alchemy

I love making fantastic stuff. Illustrations in ink, coffee or watercolor. Calligraphy and digital paintings.
And i strongly support my local wizard college Blåkulla, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Malmö.


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Here you will find dragons, coffee and monsters in digital form to print out at home.
And in time, some alchemical stuff from Magical Malmö as well.

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About Peter Svärd

I work as an Art Director  in Malmö, Sweden.
This is my hobby. I love doing illustrations for games or books or crazy events. I love calligraphy and try to do it as often as i can.
My absolute favorite medium is 
Coffee. Has a wonderful texture and it smells good when i work with it. 

Contact me at: or +46 733 290615